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Pass the Salt! But Which One?

Since the Industrial Revolution, our diet has taken a dramatic turn from farm to factory. From potato chips to McDonalds® cheeseburgers, foods are now made to be cheap, long lasting and hyperpalatable. The Standard American Diet (SAD), as we now know it, has deviated from all things natural, and is largely comprised of processed, packaged fast food loaded with sodium—a natural preservative and flavor enhancer.


  • From high blood pressure to weight gain, osteoporosis and edema, Americans are sicker and more overweight than ever before, and salt has been villainized.
  • Although there’re certainly risks to consuming too much salt, research indicates that not eating enough is also a risk in itself. Rather than cutting it out completely, we encourage you to use the RIGHT kind of salt.
  • Celtic sea salt® contains a full-spectrum of minerals that promote hydration and balance blood pressure, improve digestion and detoxification, alkalize and boost energy, improve brain power and decrease bloating.
  • From bone broth and soups to salads and snacks, we only use the highest quality salt in all of our homemade food offerings. Grab these, along with Celtic sea salt® for your kitchen, by shopping our Kitchen Market Monday – Friday from 9am – 6pm!

From high blood pressure to weight gain, osteoporosis and edema, Americans are sicker and more overweight than ever. Consequently, salt has been villainized and is often the first thing to be removed from health protocols. While this may be partially justified, we believe salt as a whole is completely misunderstood. Although there’re certainly risks to consuming too much salt, research indicates that not eating enough is also a risk in itself. Instead of eliminating ALL salt from your diet, we encourage the use of the RIGHT type, in moderation, which will actually help rebalance your body.

Salt, in its natural form, is a substance made primarily of sodium and chloride, with pico-proportions of a variety of different minerals ranging from calcium and magnesium to potassium and iodine. These minerals also act as electrolytes in the body helping to hydrate, energize, balance blood pressure and modulate heart function. Sodium works with calcium and magnesium to maintain cellular function, muscle contraction and relaxation, and nerve cell communication, thus boosting brain health. Plus, each of your 100 trillion cells relies on sodium and potassium to function. The right amount of these two minerals is essential for nutrient absorption, cellular detoxification and proper fluid balance.

As you can see, salt is vital, as your body needs to maintain proper mineral levels to function properly.  BUT, contrary to popular belief, not all salt is created equal! Table salt, which is bleached and high-heat processed with added chemicals and anti-caking agents, is what we consider one of the five “white poisons.” Highly acidic, table salt not only weakens the bones and causes fatigue, it also drives blood pressure, cravings, muscle cramps and weight gain. We recommend avoiding this type of salt—found in most fast and processed foods—at ALL costs!


Instead of Morton® table salt, iodized or even kosher salt, we recommend using Himalayan pink salt, or even better, Celtic sea salt®. This unprocessed, chemical-free, naturally evaporated sea salt is sourced from the Celtic Sea and contains 87 different minerals! Table salt pales in comparison, with only 2-3 minerals: sodium, chloride and a possible third being synthetic iodine, which your body can’t readily absorb. On the other hand, Celtic sea salt®, otherwise known as grey salt, contains a full spectrum of minerals that promotes hydration and balance blood pressure, improves digestion and detoxification, alkalizes and boosts energy, improves brain power and decreases bloating.

Since 98% of Americans aren’t meeting the minimal daily requirements for produce and because our modern-day soil is nutrient-deplete, as a nation, we’re chronically deficient in minerals! Simply adding 1 teaspoon of Celtic sea salt®* to your daily diet not only improves the flavor profile of your food, more importantly, it brings your body back to a place of balance. Instead of taking drastic measures and eliminating ALL salt from your diet, we encourage you to take a different approach and simply swap your salts. The RIGHT salt will provide the essential minerals that your body NEEDS—and when you’re properly mineralized, cravings and fluid retention subside, energy and brain power increase naturally and the muscles (including the heart) and nervous system function much more efficiently.

To nourish, restore and rebalance, stop in to purchase Celtic sea salt® for your kitchen! Plus, ALL of our homemade food times are made only with this quality salt. Market hours are Monday – Friday from 9am – 6pm, and a menu of all of our offerings can be viewed, here!

*While Celtic sea salt® is not a significant source of iodine, you can easily supplement with our 100% pastured chicken bone broth. Each cup contains 60 mcg of thyroid- and metabolism-boosting iodine (60% RDI).

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