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Fight Coronavirus: Top Sanitation Tips For You & Your Home

As the Coronavirus pandemic continues, sanitation remains a top priority. Although there’s been much focus on handwashing, and rightfully so, there’re many other easy, approachable things that you can do right away to keep yourself protected. Here are a few of our favorite ways to keep yourself and your environment clean:


  • With recent extensions of the stay-at-home mandates, sanitation continues to be a top priority.
  • Outside of frequent handwashing, there’re many practical things that you can do to protect yourself right away.
  • By cracking a window, getting big leaf plants, filtering your water, sanitizing your bedding and rugs, implementing an in-home no-shoe policy and diffusing essential oils on a regular basis, you’ll help minimize the number of germs in your environment.
  • From our Germ Buster Sanitizing Spray to CellFood® drops and essential oil diffusers, we offer a variety of different products to help keep your sanitation game strong. Call 630.You.Well (968.9355) to learn more!
  1. Crack a window – did you know that indoor air can be up to 10 times as toxic as outdoor air? Yes, it’s true! Between furniture off-gassing, conventional cleaning products, candles, Glade® Plugins®, perfumes and other personal care products, these chemicals get trapped in your environment. By cracking a window, you allow air to circulate and toxins to have an escape route.
  2. Add big leaf plants to your home – there’s a symbiotic relationship between plants and humans. As plants give humans oxygen (needed to breath), humans exhale carbon dioxide (CO2). In turn, plants take in this CO2 to go through photosynthesis—the process plants utilize to create energy. The larger the leaf of the plant, the more CO2 (toxic to humans) will be removed and the more (beneficial) oxygen will be released into the environment. No plants? No problem – by getting outside, preferably in highly vegetative areas, you will benefit from this same exchange. You can also incorporate oxygen drops into your regime! CellFood® is a product that we swear by here at Nourished®. Great for increasing energy, using these drops in your water throughout the day will also help keep your immune system strong.
  3. Filter your water – from heavy metals, chlorine and fluoride to prescription drugs and chromium-6, basically anything that gets flushed down the toilet comes back up through the municipal water supply. As if that wasn’t enough cause for concern, there’s no legal limit for more than 160 unregulated contaminants in U.S. tap water. Being that this is a major source of toxicity, we recommend that all clients start their health journey by investing in a water filter. No water filtration system? No problem – by letting your tap water sit out for 15 min, then adding a few drops of colloidal silver, you’ll eliminate a majority of the bacteria and pathogens.
  4. Sanitize your bed – the average person sweats quite a bit throughout sleep, some days more than others. Sweat is one of the top ways that your body detoxifies so we encourage that as much as possible. What you want to avoid is trapping in that moisture – this is the perfect recipe for mold growth! Instead of making your bed right away, we recommend that you pull back your sheets upon waking and let the ceiling fan dry out your mattress beforehand. Want to take it a step further? Throw your pillows in the dryer once a week – the heat and air flow will help kill off bacteria and eliminate moisture.
  5. Clean your rugs – rugs are like magnets for bacteria and germs so we recommend vacuuming often. Even better is to sprinkle your rug with baking soda beforehand, let it sit for 30 minutes, then vacuum. This will help brighten, remove odors and revitalize your rug or carpet.
  6. Shoes off + paws wiped at the door policy – think about all of the things that the soles of your feet come in contact with on an average day – cringe! Humans and pets alike track in a lot of germs from the outside world when continuing through the house without a shoe removal or paw wipe. This may not sound like a big deal until you consider your little ones. When they roll around on the ground, and then put their hands in their mouth, those germs get transferred right into that highly susceptible little body.
  7. Run a diffuseressential oils are naturally antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral. By diffusing varieties such as lavender, lemon and/or tea tree, you’ll help keep your environment clean and smelling nice in the process! These essential oils also have stress-relieving and mood-boosting properties which is just an added bonus. At Nourished®, we offer a variety of different essential oils and diffusers – call 630.You.Well (968.9355) for more information. Warning: since essential oils are highly concentrated, they can be toxic to your small, furry friends. Be sure that when using certain varieties, such as tea tree, pets are in a separate room.

As you can see, there are innumerous ways to protect you and your home from unnecessary germs that don’t involve Clorox® bleach or antibacterial wipes. By cracking a window, decorating your home with big leaf plants, filtering your water, sanitizing your bedding and rugs, implementing a no-shoe policy and running an essential oil diffuser, you’ll keep your environment clean and give your immune system some much-needed support. After all, every little bit counts!

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